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TST (The Switch Training)  is a comprehensive and broad ranging vocabulary wherein  a performer or student can develop and extend their performing, training or stage skills. The training contains unique modules, assignments and exercises that focus a person on how they exist within, use and optimize time.

Developed over the last 10 years by Stuart Lynch, TST draws on Lynchs’ extensive experience within both Japanese and European approaches to making performance and combines theatre and dance trainings with psychology and linguistics

The connections between our mental and physical self takes place subjectively within Time and Space. The understanding and exploration of this relationship without prejudice or precondition develops and refines a performers knowledge and ability. In this way the artist begins to experience their own presence as something that can be taken-up or taken-down in much the same way as an amplifier controls volume. In this way the artist becomes both a transmitter and receiver, able to tune into not only their role and actions but also the audience.
Stuart Lynch: from the essay ‘Performance, Psychology and Time’

See the Calendar for more information about training sessions.