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premiere the artaud engine  

The Artaud Engine

The Artaud Engine is contemporary dance theatre work inspired by the life and work of the artist, Antonin Artaud (1896-1948). It is a work in two acts and takes place outside the Gates of Hell. Here the ghosts of both Artauds mother, his father, Anais Nin and the Danish film maker Carl Th. Dreyer wait to find out if the gates will open for them. Artaud alone has the power to prevent this as the only spirit ever to be rejected by both Heaven and Hell. Will he forgive or condemn them? Fight or love them? They all have different thoughts, hopes and fears but share only one fate.

Created with an ensemble of the four of the best actors and dancers in Denmark the work examines and explores the fine line between madness and genius and how this might create or destroy not only ones art but oneself.



VAMPYR is about the vampires within our midst. Not the mythical bloodsucking movie cliché but the friend that manipulates, the ex-wife that lies and the husband that cheats. A woman speaks words that burn, seduce and contrive to control and manipute. Three dancers are caught in and by these words. With no will of their own they wait until fate or luck delivers a change; that the hunter will become the hunted.

At 20 minutes long VAMPYR is part one of a two part work investigating the relationship of movement to the spoken word. Part two, titled ZOMBIE, will premiere in the Copenhagen Fashion Festival of 2013.

The work premiered at Dansescenen Theatre, Copenhagen, in 2010. It was originally performed by the actress Charlotte Munck and the dancers Tiziana Fracchiolla, Heloise Vellard and Wubkje Kuindersma.


Lynch Concert

Lynch Concert is a solo that synthesizes live art, dance and voice compositions in an informal music concert format. This 60 minute solo has toured Europe and Scandinavia to great acclaim and places Lynch as a leading European voice and performance  solo performer.

LYNCH CONCERT has toured internationally since 2005. Most recently it was seen in 2008 at the Carolyn Carlsson Summer Dance Festival in Paris and then in 2009 at the Porsgrunn International Theatre Festival, Porsgrunn, Norway and in 2010 at both the Summer International Theatre Festival in Stamsund, Norway and the Dock 11 Studios in Berling. In 2011 it will tour to Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Holland, Germany and Spain.



Look Homeward Angel is a physical theatre collaboration with The National Theatre of Uganda, the DCCD (Danish Centre of Cultural Development) of Denmark and Lynch Company. It feature actors and dancers from Denmark and Africa.

Look Homeward Angel explores the nature of death and loss through the eyes of a woman who witnesses the death and murder of her family whilst living in Africa. Based on a true story the work follows her recession into psychosis as she both confronts and denies her past. The actors and dancers embody and mirror this psychosis and explore the existential, emotional and psychological implications of such an abject tragedy.

The work featured, from Africa, Tiziana Fracchiolla (SA/DK) and Samuel Prince Ibanda (UG) and from Denmark, the actor Andrea Vagn Jensen.