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MB (Muscle/Bone): Physical Training and Dance Class
MB training marries contemporary dance technique with martial arts and sports training. With a strong focus on footwork, spinal alignment and co-ordination the aim of an MB class is to create a self-expressed body that is agile, graceful and strong. A full MB class contains twelve sections made up of the following: anaerobic and aerobic training; plyometric and co-ordinative conditioning: choreographic phrasing and improvisations.

The MB is always finished with a 30 to 40 minute warm-down and deep tissue stretching session founded within Yoga and Propriaceptive Neuromuscular Facillitation or PNF.

Stuart Lynch is one of the few accredited MB teachers in Scandinavia.



Butoh is a dance form developed post second world war by the artists Tatsumin Hijikata and Kazuo Ohno. Original Ankoko Butoh the singular name Butoh now refers to a number of styles, techniques and approaches that has developed from the work of the two originators.

There is no set style for Butoh as it has split into different schools with varying approaches, techniques and attitudes. This Butoh training and technique workshop or class is specific to the teachings and philosophies of Butoh dancer Min Tanaka, with whom Stuart Lynch studied and worked from 1989 to 1993.

The teaching introduces and investigates the following techniques: Bisoku (slow movement), Push and Discussion (intensive contact improvisation) and Omni Central Imaging (co-ordinative mental imaging). The work also includes the choreographies of Butoh typically called, ‘Butoh Fu’.

Lynch teaches Butoh from the perspective of technique and how that technique might be used in its own right and/or as a supplement for other performance practices.