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SETDAM 'Speaking English Through Drama and Movement'

The SETDAM teaching programme is designed to create greater confidence, joy and ability in the speaking and use of English. Designed for young adults between the ages of 14 to 21 the SETDAM process addresses issues within speech and pronunciation and how this affects ones body language and general level of confidence.

Through techniques, games and exercises the teaching develops not only verbal skills, personal freedom and dexterity but also self confidence and poise. It gives insight into public speaking, social interaction and pronunciation. Through a fun and accessible exploration of English speaking you will learn ways to:

Perceive the essence of how words affect our future possibilities and actions.

Experience greater depth, ease and flow in the speaking of English language.

Discover the importance of both breathing and eye focus to speaking.

The aim of this programme is to enhances a young persons future social and employment possibilities by gaining greater confidence in speaking English.

SETDAM is available in classical teaching modules of 45 minutes, 3 hours or one day. Longer teaching periods are available on discussion.