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Bibliography relates to all writings, both past and present, of the work and teachings of Stuart Lynch and associates artists.

Plays, Essays and Interviews


'The Artaud Engine' by Stuart Lynch
The Artaud Engine is a play about the life, art and influence of French poet and artist, Antonin Artaud. The work is for two actors and two dancers and available in English and Danish. Contact for information on how to obtain a copy.

'Nothing: A Play About Rape' by Stuart Lynch
This is a work for 10 actors and explores the issue and nature of rape and its implications for the individual involved and the society. Written from a feminist viewpoint the work is created to discuss the notion of power and how it can not only subvert and destroy but build and protect.


'Psychology, Time and Performance'
An essay concerning Lynch's performance training, research and rehearsal method, 'Theatre Switch Training' or 'TST'. The essay defines the process of TST and how its unique focus on time creates greater presence in a contemporary stage performer